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The Food Depot

  • This is a great spot Unshelved co-creator Bill Barnes and I found on one of our first trips to BEA, and it’s where we eat lunch almost every day during the show.

    It’s at the corner of West 34th Street and 10th Avenue, right across from the McDonald’s. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside you can get bagels, sandwiches, sushi, Mongolian grill, and more made to order. They also have a hot, by-the-pound buffet that’s excellent, as well as an amazing selection of candy, snacks, and soft drinks both local and from around the world, as well as a decent selection of beer. There’s a small (nearly hidden) raised area to the left of the cash registers where you can eat in, though almost everyone grabs food and rushes out the door.

    Even on hot and rainy days, it’s worth the extra block to bypass the crappy selection and high prices at the Javitz.


    This if fabulous information. I love these kinds of places in NYC. Thanks Gene!


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