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Packing for Comfort While Appearing Professional

  • Packing for BEA is tough. One wants to be comfortable but also appear professional without resorting to a suit. The most important thing is comfortable shoes with good support, and that, perhaps, it the hardest thing to figure out. Even though it adds to the tote bag weight, in addition to band aids or blister pads, I often carry a second pair of lightweight shoes in case my original pair starts to create issues.

    For us fashionistas, clothes can be difficult (and this is primarily aimed at women as men have it pretty easy–a nice pair of slacks and shirt will usually suffice) but my colleagues and I have discovered that knit separates work well, and a couple of us like JJill’s Wearever items as they pack well, look nice, and can be layered for any kinds of weather. This year I will be taking my Tommy Hilfiger book dress and a pair of Wearever knit slacks with a short sleeve tunic top and a long lightweight knit cardigan (yes, librarians do wear cardigans even to BEA). You may also want to take a nice dress for dinners and/or Broadway show attendance. For sightseeing, watch the weather forecast and take nice jeans or cropped pants with sandals or casual sneakers.

    Questions on what to wear? Hey, I’m here for you!

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