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More on Where to Eat

  • The food court is quite good but be forewarned it is rather expensive. My advice is to eat a hearty breakfast and have a light lunch, which works better for me as a big lunch slows me down and I need energy to continue roaming the floor.

    There are a few food carts (hots dogs and the like) in the conference center driveway, and the LJ Librarian Lounge will often have some sort of snack that will keep you going during the day (I’ve seen pastries and nachos, although not a the same time). There is also the Skylight Diner about 1/2 mile up 34th that I love for breakfast and I’m sure also serves a good lunch.

    Sorry Robin, I have to say that food-court fare is way below standard…in fact it was so bad last year I had to resort to protein drinks!

    The only thing to do is get out of Javitz–
    I do agree with your appraisal of the Skylight Diner–cheap, quick and in the area!
    Up on 10th (485) is basketball legend Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine; good for drink/snacks after the show, but big noisy and sports bar themed.
    A bit of a hike, however; up on 9th there are a multitude of choices, but this is a ways to go and then return; best for after the show closes!

    It was good but not that much. I enjoyed just because i had discount coupons to avail at different orders. My friend had given me Walmart Coupon codes by using which i was able to order at low cost. This is the only thing i liked about that fare other than that i didn’t enjoy much.

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