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Information to Have for Library Marketing Reps

  • So now you may be wondering what information to have for your rep appointment. First of all make sure your business cards are up-to-date. If you are just interested in forthcoming books, nothing is really needed. If you are interested in booking authors for your library, make sure and have the following information (I’ve written it on the back of my business card):
    1) Venue size (auditorium that seats 270, meeting room that seats 70, or cordoned off library area that seats 20, et al)
    2) How many may attend an author program?
    3) What kind of honorarium or fee and/or expenses can be paid?
    4) What kind of publicity and promotion are done before an event and who is targeted and how many are reached?

    Also be sure to let the reps know whether or not you order books for your library and your speciality (fiction, large print, cookbooks, et al); if you write any blogs, newspaper columns, social media promotions for new books); or anything else you do to promote new books.

    That’s all I can think of for now but perhaps my colleagues or marketing reps have more ideas. Just try and think of any details that will help you get the information across and that will also make the most of your time with the rep. AND they do follow-up! It may take a while but I’ve often heard from reps 2-3 months later and have had amazing authors visit our library thanks to my contacts at BEA.

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