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cracking programs with resource hacker

  • Resource Hacker 4.4.26 Portable Download

    Resource Hacker is among one of the most trustworthy resource modifying utilities that you can buy currently available. This is certainly majorly on account of its really advanced script compiler and decompiler (both equally of which can be working with inside resources), that’s highly compatible with all Windows OS platforms. Sad to say, this Resource Hacker Portable is healthier handled by seriously experienced customers.

    Resource Hacker is the most recent and doubtless the final ever version in accordance to its creator.

    Key Features Of Resource Hacker Portable

    Resource Hacker aids you modify means by replacing it with yet another resource utilizing its distinct script compiler that operates with interior resources.

    It provides some host alternatives such as viewing, modifying, renaming, introducing and extracting means in 32bit and 64bit Windows resource.

    It also gives version information and that means you can normally search up with the particulars of all the modification and updates that have been made

    Precise dialog controls right before recompiling with all the interior compiler is often visually moved and resized by way of click on and drag.

    Through its “Replace Icon” feature you may exchange a cursor or bitmap that may be in another file.

    The above-mentioned means have many preserving choices making sure that the user can make a choice from binary (regular or untyped) or typical .img data files

    Viewing the means can be done by way of Cursor, Icon, AVI videos, Bitmap, GIF, and JPG. WAV.

    Additionally, it performs MIDI audio methods, so it provides use of all vital resource data files

    Menus, MessageTables, Dialogs, StringTables, Accelerators, VersionInfo and Delphi Varieties methods is usually witnessed as assistance scripts in the decompiled method.

    Dialogs and menus also can be seen as they would seem in a managing application.

    You may insert methods to an application by copying them from external resource information.

    It lets you delete supplemental means and thus releasing up necessary room.

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