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    • Harper Collins Excitement!

      The following was posted by Jen:

      Below is what had the folks at Harper Collins all excited this past Friday.   Where possible I have included a link to Edelweiss for your downloadable pleasure.

      DAKOTA WINTERS/Tom Barbash 12/4/18 – Brilliant debut  about a NYC family in 1979 NYC. I loved this one.

      BOYS IN THE CAVE/Matt Gutman 11/13/18 – Remember those Thai cave boys? Here’s a book about that.

      FREE FALL/Jessica Barry 1/8/19 – Debut about a mother, a daughter and their unbreakable bond.

      BOWLAWAY/Elizabeth McCracken 2/5/19 – 3 generations of a New England family.

      LITTLE FAITH/Nickolas Butler 3/5/19 – Wisconsin family and a radical church.

      LAST ROMANTICS/Tara Conklin 2//19/19 – 4 siblings and the power of stories.

      BEAUTIFUL BAD /Annie Ward 3/18/19- Psychological thriller but with humor.

      BETTER SISTER/Alafair Burke 4/2/19- Estranged sisters, shady past.

      WHITE ELEPHANT/Julie Langsdorf 3/26/19 – Debut about a turf war between neighbors.

      WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU BLACKER/Damon Young 3/26/19 – Co-founder of VerySmartBrothas.com  writes essay about race.

      THE AFFAIRS OF FALCONS/Melissa Rivero 4/2/19 – Fiction about undocumented Peruvians in NYC.

      AMERICAN POP/Snowden Wright 2/5/19 – Debut family saga about a Southern soda dynasty.

      MY CONEY ISLAND BABY/Billy O’Callaghan 4/9/19 – Long lived affair between two people married to others.

      BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE/Trent Dalton 4/2/19 – Debut about coming-of-age in Australia.

      CEMETERY ROAD/Greg Iles 3/19/19 – Standalone about secrets in a Mississippi small town.

      PARKLAND/Dave Cullen 2/12/19 – Author of COLUMBINE sadly writes about more of the same.

      NO BEAST SO FIERCE/Dane Huckelbrige 2/5/19 – True story of a man hunting a tiger responsible for 436 human deaths who’s hunting him.

      POLAR BEAR EXPEDITION/James Cark Nelson 2/19/19 – America’s forgotten invasion of Russia during WWI.

      HUNTRESS/Kate Quinn 2/26/19 – English journalist and Russian female bomber pilot join forces to hunt Nazi war criminal.

      AMERICAN DUCHESS/Karen Harper 2/26/18 – Fictionalized life of Consuelo Vanderbilt and her marriage to the Duke of Marlborough.

      LEARNING TO SEE/Elise  Hooper 1/22/19 – Fictionalized life of Dorthea Lange the American photojournalist.

      PRISONER/Jason Rezaian 1/22/19 – Memoir of the  journalist held hostage in Iran for 18 months.

      I’M TELLING THE TRUTH, BUT I’M LYING/Bassey Ikpi – Collection of essays about the author’s struggles with mental illness.

      WHEN YOU READ THIS/Mary Adkins 2/5/2019 – Rom-com told via e-mails, blog posts, etc.

      A WOMAN IS NO MAN/Etaf Rum 3/5/19 – 3 generations of Palestinian women in Brooklyn.

      THE UNLIKELY ADVENTURES OF THE SHERGILL SISTERS/Balli Jaswal 4/30/19 – 3 Punjabi sisters go back to India to bury mom.

      BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM/Peter Swanson  3/5/19 – Suburban wife afraid of her new neighbor.

      NIGHT AGENT/Matthew Quirk 1/15/19 – FBI agent, Russian mole in the White House.  Oddly this one is fiction.

      MERCY RIVER/Glen Hamilton 3/12/19 –  Murder, small town secrets, and divided loyalties in Oregon.

      NO EXIT/ Taylor Adams 1/22/19- Thriller about a young woman determined to save a kidnapped child.

      ADVENTURES OF BARRY AND JOE/Adam Reid 3/26/19 – Barry (Obama) and Joe (Biden) as time traveling super heroes.

      SEVEN OR EIGHT DEATHS OF STELLA FORTUNA/Juliet Grames 5/7/19 – Family secrets and estranged sisters.

      99 PERCENT MINE/Sally Thorne 1/29/19 – Rom-com about twins, an inheritance, and a sexy best friend.

      QUINTLAND SISTERS/Shelley Wood 5/5/19 – Fictionalized Dionne Quints.

      VOLUNTEER/Jack Fairweather 4/16/19 – Polish soldier infiltrates Auschwitz to sabotage from within. True story.

      DEEPEST BLUE/SarahBeth Durst 3/19/19 – Fantasy set in the world of Renthia.  Not a true story.

      AM I DYING?/Drs. Kelly & Eisenberg 12/31/18 – Short answer?  We all are.  This book will tell you how imminent that is.

      EULOGIST/Terry Gamble 1/22/19 Irish family confronts slavery on the banks of the Ohio.

      HOUSE OF BEAUTY/Melba Escobar 2/5/19 – Bogota beautician was the last to see a teenage girl alive.

      BEYOND THE POINT/Claire Gibson 4/2/19 – Debut novel about 3 women attending West Point on the eve of 9/11.

      NEVER LOOK BACK/Alison Gaylin 3/12/19 – Psychological suspense with a serial-esque podcast twist.

      NIGHT VISITORS/Carol Goodman 3/26/19 – Mistaken identities, missed chances, forgiveness  and all that.

      AMERICAN AGENT/Jacqueline Winspear 3/26/19 – More Maisie Dobbs.

      THE BINDING/Bridget Collins 4/16/19 – Fiction about the life changing power of books.

      Big Releases

      TONY’S WIFE/Adriana Trigiani  11/20/18

      TALE TELLER/Anne Hillerman 4/9/19

      THE HUNDRED/Don Lemon 5/7/19

      AMERICAN MOONSHOT/Douglas Brinkley 4/2/19

      GREAT SOCIETY/Amity Shales 4/23/19

      CRUCIBLE/James Rollins 1/8/19

      THE BORDER/Don Winslow 2/26/19

      HUNTING PARTY/Lucy Foley 2/12/19

      BLACK ASCOT/Charles Todd 2/5/19

      NEXT TO DIE/Sophie Hannah 2/19/19

      CARELESS LOVE/Peter Robinson 2/12/19

      NO SUNSCREEN FOR THE DEAD/Tim Dorsey 1/15/19

      KINGDOM OF COPPER/S.A. Chakraborty 1/22/19

      Health and Wellness Books:

       13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG WOMEN DON’T DO/Amy Morin 12/21/18

      AN ELEGANT DEFENSE/ Matt Richtel 3/12/19

      CRYSTAL Rx/Colleen McCann 11/6/18

      SOBER CURIOUS/Ruby Warrington 12/31/18

      ENERGY MEDICINE/Jim Blakeway 4/2/19

      LONGEVITY PARADOX/Dr. Steven Gundry 4/16/19

      STRESS LESS ACCOMPLISH MORE/Emily Fletcher 2/19/19

      HASHIMOTO’S FOOD PHARMACOLOGY/Izabella Wentz 3/26/19

      DITCH THE PILL/Dr. Jolene Brighten 1/29/19

      PLANT PARADOX QUICK AND EASY/Dr. Steven Gundry 1/8/19

      THE F*CK IT DIET/Caroline Dooner 3/26/19

      AGING BACKWARDS: FAST TRACK/Miranda White 3/1/19

      BODY LOVE EVERYDAY/Kelly LeVequ 1/22/19

      BRAIN BODY DIET/Sara Gottfried 3/5/19

      MELT PERFORMANCE/Susan Hitzmann 4/23/19


      FORKS OVER KNIVES: FLAVOR!/Dashana Thacker 10/16/18

      CARLA HALL’S SOUL FOOD/Carla Hall 10/23/18

      COOKING SCRAPPy/Joel Gamoran 10/9/18

      LOSE WIEGHT WITH YOUR INSTAPOT/Audrey Johns 11/6/18

      PASTA PRETTY PLEASE/Linda Nicholson 10/16/18

      HERO DINNERS/Perry and Bonom  4/2/19

      HEIRLOOM KITCHEN/Anna Glass 4/9/19

      MOSTLY PLANTS/The Pollans 4/16/19





    • NINE PERFECT STRANGERS by Liane Moriarty

      Tracy says, “I just started the Liane Moriarty, and while I’m enjoying it (and am still at the beginning), it feels a bit different than previous novels.”

      Galleys have just been released and there’s lots of excitement to read it on GalleyChat. One already has:

    • Print Copies from Edelweiss

      Edelweiss tweeted about requesting print copies:

      Have any of you used it yet?

      I can’t figure out how it works and have emailed questions to Joe Foster.

      DRC, Edelweiss.

      Lots of talk about this one during the Sept. chat. Tracy follows up to say, “I just did the Booklist review for Daisy Jones and the Six. I think this is going to be big (though I’ve loved her since her first novel), and it will really appeal to fans of seventies rock. The structure of writing a novel as a bio compiled of interviews is really fun.”

      Vicki mentioned seeing her apeak at   ALA18. Couldn’t find a video of that, but there is a clip of her at Book Expo.

      Tweets below:

    • PEACOCK FEAST, 2/5/19

      DRC on NetGalley. Has anyone else read?